Tidbits for #MincedThanksgiving 2015

Images from Minced Thanksgiving 2015

There is a time during every Thanksgiving holiday where one lapses into some very literal navel-gazing.  Having eaten second helpings of turkey and made drowsy by a glass (or two) of wine, one’s only option is to retreat to the sofa to contemplate the very real challenge of how you are going to eat pie.

After a week’s worth of recipes, I thought you all might be feeling a little stuffed, so I’m breaking things up today with some culinary musings to be read from your favorite chair.  Enjoy…

  • Are you worried about an impending pumpkin shortage?  Bird flu got you concerned about turkey supply? Don’t worry –  it looks like we are in good shape for the holiday.
  • On a day focused on abundance, it’s important to remember that 1 in 7 people struggle with hunger in the United States.  Check out the Feeding America website to locate a food bank in your area and consider volunteering or making a donation today.
  • A lot has changed since the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Carrier pigeon, anyone?
  • We’ve come along way from cornucopias, my friends.  Check out some of my favorite tablescapes on my Pinterest board for all things Thanksgiving.  In addition to lots of holiday decorating inspiration, you’ll find yummy recipes and lots of tips.
  • Hosting for the first time?  Worried about how to set the table?   Which way to pass the bread?  My mother gave me Emily Post’s Etiquette book years ago and it remains my essential guide to holiday decorum.  Let’s just say it will help your chances of getting invited back next year.

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