Good morning!


Cinnamon Rolls
Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls
Today, we ate the last two.  Over the last several weeks, we’ve had six days where waking up in the morning was a real treat.  Six days of gooey, sugary, and buttery bliss.  Six days of sliding my fork across my plate to scrape up the last bits of deliciousness.
When the March 2009 issue of Bon Appetit arrived, a recipe for Yukon Gold cinnamon rolls immediately caught my eye.  Usually, I make grand plans to make every recipe in the magazine and then before I know it a month has passed and a new magazine arrived.  This time however I barely made it one day before I found myself with flour up to my elbows on a Saturday morning.
Sometimes when I commit myself to large projects, particularly on Saturday morning, I begin to regret my motivation.   I’m not sure if it was the smell of the potatoes being mixed into the dough or the clumps of sugar, cinnamon and butter that collected on my fingers that I had just had to nibble off, but regret was nowhere to be found.  Making these cinnamon rolls was the perfect Saturday morning activity and the result was comfort food at its best.
Growing up, my mother had tweaked a recipe for Moravian sugar cake to perfection.  She uses potatoes in her recipe and the result is a very moist sugar cake that continues to be a  holiday favorite.  She makes several cakes right before Christmas and we enjoy some of them on Christmas morning while the others she freezes for Easter. 
Her cakes freeze well and I was hoping that I might have the same luck with these cinnamons rolls. They both use potatoes and they both use lots of butter, sugar and cinnamon.  Plus they had to freeze well as  I couldn’t bring myself to half the recipe and even my husband and I would have trouble taking down 12 cinnamon rolls.
As luck would have it, the rolls froze beautifully.  I packed them up two to a bag and it’s been a real treat to pull these out for breakfast on a random day during the week.  They bring a little Saturday to a working Tuesday and make for a very good morning. 

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