Breakfast Casserole on TV and Last Minute Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hello, procrastinators.  Still don’t have a plan for Thanksgiving.  Fear not.  While your chances of finding a turkey are dwindling by the minute, there’s still plenty of time to whip up some dishes for Thanksgiving without a lot of stress.

Take this breakfast casserole that I demonstrated how to make on the Charlotte Today show this morning.  It won’t be part of your Thanksgiving spread, but when everyone realizes they forgot to plan breakfast there will be plenty of thanks when you pull this out of the oven.  I love this savory version with mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, and onions, but you can just as easily make it a French Toast casserole with a little sugar and cinnamon.


Has your family already gone a little overboard on casseroles?  Say good morning with apple and pumpkin muffins or a batch of sweet potato biscuits with country ham.

Have you been charged with making a side for Thanksgiving?  Do you prefer to spend your holiday watching parades and football than slaving away in the kitchen?  Make your own cranberry chutney or this recipe for braised garlic and green beans tonight and spend Thanksgiving on the couch.

Think classics are boring?  Travel around the world for culinary inspiration and replace that tired rice pilaf with Persian Jeweled Rice.

Is your Thanksgiving not going exactly as planned?   Keep your guests happy with appetizers such as Sicilian arancini or spinach and gruyere stuffed mushrooms.

Need to impress?  There are three words you need to know: homemade pastry dough.  Wipe that nervous sweat from your brow.  You can do this.  Check out this video for a live demo or read up on some tips here.  Still scared?  Post a question to FOOD LOVE’s Facebook page.  I’ll be offering online support throughout the day and will gladly answer your questions as they come up.

Once you’ve read the tips, take your new-found pastry dough knowledge and make this delicious apple pie or these dainty, bite-size bourbon-pecan tartlets.

And finally, what should you do with all of those leftovers?  I recommend using any leftover turkey in a delicious and hearty pot pie.  Simply replace the chicken called for in this recipe with turkey and nobody will be complaining about having leftovers.

Still don’t know what to cook for Thanksgiving?  Don’t worry.  Remember the holiday is about the family and friends gathered round your table not the food laid out upon it.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. We are thankful for you! Apple pumpkin muffins for breakfast, stuffed mushrooms, beet salad and cranberry chutney on the menue and a turky pot pie in the offing. You make planning meals so much fun. Love, Molly Jay and Alice


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