2015: The Year in Review

If asked what I made in 2015, my response would be eggs and cheese quesadillas for a picky toddler. Yet today I looked over some of the 70 recipes that I posted to Minced blog in 2015 and was delighted to find not a single one that involved peanut butter and jelly and apple slices.

It’s been a delicious year in the Minced blog kitchen. This week WordPress delivered its annual review of my blog to my inbox. This summary includes stats like how many hits my blog received in 2015 to where in the world those hits came from (a special thanks to my Latvian and Jordanian readers). Guyanese Pepperpot Soup and Easter Bread are my favorite recipes of 2015, but they didn’t make the list of the most popular recipes on my blog. Those honors go to the following five posts with Vietnamese Slow Cooker Pho a clear favorite with almost 20,000 hits in 2015.

1. Vietnamese Slow Cooker Pho
2. Made from Scratch Cake Pops
3. Red Bean Ice Cream
4. Chicken Pot Pie
5. Peach and Jalapeno Jelly

For Christmas, my parents gave me a huge stack of used cookbooks they had found at a church sale. They run the gamut from a book of recipes from Dean & DeLuca to Thomas Keller’s exquisite cookbook Bouchon Bakery. I’ve only had time to peek inside most of them, but what I saw left me hungry and awed, yet again, as to just how much there still is to learn in this profession of mine. With that in mind, my main goal as I head into 2016 is to carve out more time for research and recipe testing. I look forward to sharing the results of that labor with you here on Minced blog.

Collard Greens and Hoppin John on Charlotte Today

And the first thing I plan to cook in 2016? Collard greens and Hoppin’ John, of course. For those that live outside the South, these dishes, eaten annually on January 1st, are crucial for a prosperous and lucky new year. See how to make both in this cooking demonstration that I did on WCNC’s Charlotte Today show this past Wednesday.

And that’s a wrap folks. A warm goodbye to 2015 and a big hello to 2016. To you, I wish health, happiness, and good food in the coming year. Cheers and thanks for reading Minced.



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